Waiting For The Move

I am starting this blog quite late in the day as I have been sidelined with my other passion, filmmaking. My body is still aching from the battering I have put it through this week and the shock of working for eight days in a row – I’m barely used to working two days in a row, further more eight! My training has been intense this past week, really showing me how much I have slacked off.

What I Know Now

It is an ironic truism that if I knew ten, twenty or maybe even thirty years ago what I know now, my life would be very different. Or maybe it wouldn’t. Probably not with decisions of the heart, they have always been made in a foolhardy and reckless manner. With other life decisions, jobs I have taken, options I have chosen, some of those, I would like to think, would have been different.

Paying For Passion

There is a popular notion in the western world, sort of a natural offshoot of the ‘be positive’ and ‘what you believe you achieve’ mantra that has permeated society. The notion is that if you follow your passion, you’ll never work again. Hmm. Now I am not the first, second or even third person to think – and now write about – this being a little, um, bullshitty.

Eat This, Eat That.

One of the most off-putting facets of fitness and health for a lot of people is the cost of eating healthily. With the western world’s rampant consumerism, Food companies and fitness companies seem to have taken advantage of the fact that a lot of healthy eating options can seem specialised.
The older generations diet of meat and two veg is not even an option in the modern world of myriad superfoods, exotic vegetables and organic produce. Fast paced living and the need to for everything to happen now, whilst still trying to get the best of everything, makes healthy eating difficult.

We All Need A Ramsay

Gordon Ramsay, the Scottish potty-mouthed, stern-faced, dictatorial, Michelin-starred chef, made his name on television in the early nineties. His blunt and abrasive manner, culinary skill and naturalness in front of a camera, has made him a very wealthy man. Best known for television of the reality show type format, Ramsay has several popular shows. A couple of his shows I like are, Kitchen Nightmares and Hotel Hell – subtle titles, I know – are shows where he goes into various establishments and tries to sort out their problems.

To Look Like This

I am a big fan of bodybuilding.com. It is a fantastic website, jam-packed with information from people who are passionate about everything health and fitness related. There are workouts, recipes, blogs – ooh, I should post there! – and fellow fitness enthusiasts. Members have profiles where they can display their progress pictorially, or numerically via body measurements and stats. They can tell you how they feel, what workouts they are up to and what workouts they have coming. Like I say, it’s a fantastic site.