Like Children Do

I have of late focused on the mental aspects of fitness, as I feel one’s psychological approach to health and fitness is as important as the physical. Having said that, as much as good mental health and determined focus is good for you, what really aids and reinforces the mind-body connection is movement, namely exercise. Not only is exercise good for you, it is necessary for optimal body health.

Dim View From The Gym

As a fitness professional, I probably should not be saying this, it’s not like it’s helpful to me or will improve my chances of gaining more clients, but here it is; gyms are boring. That’s all. It takes immense discipline to maintain and repeat – forever – whilst also trying to improve, a routine that involves movements that you do not do in any other facet of your life, except for the treadmill and that is a god awful machine that allows you to believe you are fitter than you actually are.

Half An Hour And a Pair Of Trainers

What do you need, as a bare minimum, to improve fitness? Barring any physical disability or impairment, all you need is a pair of comfortable shoes or trainers, depending on which of running or walking you are prepared to take the time and do. A half hour walk or run daily will improve fitness, maybe not significantly, but that would depend on your starting point. But for the average, non-cardio Joe, half an hour a day will improve their fitness.