Waking Dreams

We all heard the bravado. Some older person bragging how they were whippet quick in their youth, or how they bench one hundred and fifty kilos for six reps, bar to chest of course. When they were your age – pick a number, twenty, thirty, forty even – they were so fit, was running ten K’s in twenty-five minutes, for fun!

We All Need A Ramsay

Gordon Ramsay, the Scottish potty-mouthed, stern-faced, dictatorial, Michelin-starred chef, made his name on television in the early nineties. His blunt and abrasive manner, culinary skill and naturalness in front of a camera, has made him a very wealthy man. Best known for television of the reality show type format, Ramsay has several popular shows. A couple of his shows I like are, Kitchen Nightmares and Hotel Hell – subtle titles, I know – are shows where he goes into various establishments and tries to sort out their problems.

Train The Brain

It all begins in the head. Everything, good and bad. Wake up and check the time: it’s five forty-five in the morning, fifteen minutes before your alarm is due to go off. First thought; argh! Only fifteen minutes! I’m shattered, I just want to stay in bed – that Monday vibe – or: fifteen minutes? Great! Thirty push-ups, thirty crunches, thirty squats! Boom! Ready for the day!

Half An Hour And a Pair Of Trainers

What do you need, as a bare minimum, to improve fitness? Barring any physical disability or impairment, all you need is a pair of comfortable shoes or trainers, depending on which of running or walking you are prepared to take the time and do. A half hour walk or run daily will improve fitness, maybe not significantly, but that would depend on your starting point. But for the average, non-cardio Joe, half an hour a day will improve their fitness.

It’s Simple, Not Easy.

It is not enough that we in the fitness industry coerce you into doing physical activity that you neither need nor enjoy, somehow fooling you that actually the opposite is true. There is also a whole slew of people, both qualified and other, who would have you believe they know what you should eat. Right.