Waiting For The Move

I am starting this blog quite late in the day as I have been sidelined with my other passion, filmmaking. My body is still aching from the battering I have put it through this week and the shock of working for eight days in a row – I’m barely used to working two days in a row, further more eight! My training has been intense this past week, really showing me how much I have slacked off.

A to B via W

One of the elements that attract people most to a concept, idea or course of action is its possible ease of execution. Given the choice of two possible options, people usually opt for the easier one, whether that ease is financial, time saved or physical exertion depends entirely on the individual in questions view of what is easiest.
The vast array of diets and exercise plans with the promise of rapid results feeds into that human desire for the easiest route. Adverts for meal replacement drinks, point system diets, twelve weeks to a bikini body, lose ten pounds in a fortnight, plus the ever popular before and after pictures of people losing ten, twenty and even thirty kilos, help to fuel the notion that it is easy.

Trainers Use Trainers

With so much information available at our fingertips, we are able to research or find out about any subject with a few taps on a keyboard. As scarily omnipresent as it is, Google is one of the best resources available for modern living, with so many of us utilising it daily and in some cases, multiple times. Everything from recipes to racing cars, places to pictures are searched for online.

What I Know Now

It is an ironic truism that if I knew ten, twenty or maybe even thirty years ago what I know now, my life would be very different. Or maybe it wouldn’t. Probably not with decisions of the heart, they have always been made in a foolhardy and reckless manner. With other life decisions, jobs I have taken, options I have chosen, some of those, I would like to think, would have been different.

Like Children Do

I have of late focused on the mental aspects of fitness, as I feel one’s psychological approach to health and fitness is as important as the physical. Having said that, as much as good mental health and determined focus is good for you, what really aids and reinforces the mind-body connection is movement, namely exercise. Not only is exercise good for you, it is necessary for optimal body health.

Dim View From The Gym

As a fitness professional, I probably should not be saying this, it’s not like it’s helpful to me or will improve my chances of gaining more clients, but here it is; gyms are boring. That’s all. It takes immense discipline to maintain and repeat – forever – whilst also trying to improve, a routine that involves movements that you do not do in any other facet of your life, except for the treadmill and that is a god awful machine that allows you to believe you are fitter than you actually are.

Head Tricks

Is mental fitness the most important type of fitness? One does not think of fitness as being mental, except for when it comes to pushing oneself to do a little bit more or to finish a hard session, most do not consider mental fitness. After all, you cannot point to a whole list of possible ailments from a lack of mental fitness. With physical fitness the array of possible ailments connected to being overweight are varied and plentiful; joint problems, respiratory issues, inflexibility, back problems, skin problems, diabetes and much more.

This Body We Have

It is not until you cannot do something that you truly begin to miss it. Fitness is like this. You discover how unfit you are when you try to run for a bus, the lift in a four storey building is not working and the stairs are your only option or, especially if you are someone who maintains a moderate degree of fitness, get injured.