The Fall Of The Track

Every four years, athletics becomes a global event as a city host the Olympics. Hundreds of athletes representing countries from all over the world gather in one location for a two-week spectacle of speed, strength, endurance, skill and mental fortitude. Though the athletes represent a country, most of the young men and women who compete do so individually, even often times competing against fellow countrymen. With the exception of a few team events, athletics is the ultimate individual sport.

All The Time

I can tell you what is most valuable to you. Health, of course, is very important, without your health life is pretty miserable. As well as one’s physical health, one’s mental health is also of paramount importance. Still, neither is the most valuable commodity.
In our consumer crazy world, we purchase items, subscriptions, take holidays, accumulate stuff at a ferocious rate, hoarding phones, computers, televisions, buying designer clothes, going organic, because it looks good and buying fresh produce, having a night out at the cinema, theatre or just out for a meal, all of these things and experiences add to one’s life and general enjoyment. In that respect, all of the aforementioned is valuable.

The Opinions Of Strangers

It is always interesting when you hear someone proclaim that they do not care what people think of them, only those who are close; their family, friends and perhaps work colleagues. Most would agree with those sentiments, why would one care about the opinions of strangers when it comes to something they do? After all, their opinions or comments do not affect you or have any impact on one’s life unless you allow them to. So why do so many of us, the majority of us, allow others to influence or affect our mood?

You Forgot But You Didn’t

It is pretty common knowledge that human characteristics are heavily influenced by our childhoods. Even as we learn and absorb stimuli and gain experiences, there are still the many forgotten moments that are embedded in our psyche that influence our actions and behaviours.

What Really Matters

As I sit writing this, thinking about confidence, missing teeth – more on that shortly – and the body aesthetic in relation to fitness and confidence, it is one day after a terrible suicide bomber attack on Manchester, following a pop concert. At last count, twenty-two people were known to have died and fifty-nine had been injured.