A to B via W

One of the elements that attract people most to a concept, idea or course of action is its possible ease of execution. Given the choice of two possible options, people usually opt for the easier one, whether that ease is financial, time saved or physical exertion depends entirely on the individual in questions view of what is easiest.
The vast array of diets and exercise plans with the promise of rapid results feeds into that human desire for the easiest route. Adverts for meal replacement drinks, point system diets, twelve weeks to a bikini body, lose ten pounds in a fortnight, plus the ever popular before and after pictures of people losing ten, twenty and even thirty kilos, help to fuel the notion that it is easy.


No More Excuses

I have a confession to make. After all my proclamations about being healthy and how mental health is paramount for any and every individual’s happiness, it turns out I only care about how fitness makes me look. As well as being fit, I like to look the part as well. It is partly my ego and looking better makes me feel better.
It is probably over a decade since I was fighting fit. I have always been fit for purpose, but not since I last competed on the track have I been the model professional or set an example as a beacon of health and fitness. A lot of it can be put down to complacency and a certain level of comfort zone embracing. One settles into a routine, living life on automatic pilot.

From The Inside

This is a question for the pet owners: how much ice cream do you give to your dog or cat? How about chocolate? Donuts? Microwave meals occasionally, no? How about a nice bit of fruit cordial? I am being facetious of course, no self-respecting pet owner would feed any of those foods to their beloved pooch or kitty. They’re not trying to kill them. We mostly save such great foods for ourselves and our children.

Eat This, Eat That.

One of the most off-putting facets of fitness and health for a lot of people is the cost of eating healthily. With the western world’s rampant consumerism, Food companies and fitness companies seem to have taken advantage of the fact that a lot of healthy eating options can seem specialised.
The older generations diet of meat and two veg is not even an option in the modern world of myriad superfoods, exotic vegetables and organic produce. Fast paced living and the need to for everything to happen now, whilst still trying to get the best of everything, makes healthy eating difficult.

Non-Famous​ Results

Ricky Hatton, the former light-welterweight and welterweight boxing world champion, famously earned the nickname Ricky ‘Fatton’ for his penchant for gaining an enormous amount of weight between his fights. He would walk around, fat of face and rotund of body, quipping his way through social functions and television appearances. Come fight night he would be ripped and ready.

It’s Simple, Not Easy.

It is not enough that we in the fitness industry coerce you into doing physical activity that you neither need nor enjoy, somehow fooling you that actually the opposite is true. There is also a whole slew of people, both qualified and other, who would have you believe they know what you should eat. Right.