My Clothes Are Tight.

My clothing feels tight. My clothing is tight. Even some of my sportswear is…snug. Throughout 2018 I was diligent and even though I have access to two gyms, I joined one close to my home and probably saw the gym at least three hundred days out of the available three hundred and sixty-five there are in a year.

In 2019 something changed. A little break around Christmas 2018 and I just could not find my rhythm again. I was not unduly worried. After all, training was and has been a part of my life for most of my adulthood. I just could not find my groove again, every dawn proved to be false. By mid-2019 I was feeling continually lardy whilst lacking the desire to counteract my lackadaisical attitude.

All the strength work I had been doing seemed to have been masking my weaknesses. As the year turned to autumn every ailment surfaced, joints aching and twinging, pushing me further down the spiral of inertia. So now, my clothes are tight.

2020 and truthfully, I am not much of a resolutions person. I think and believe that an individual can change whenever they decide to. Of course, there is ego behind it. I don’t like being a lard arse or out of shape. I definitely do not want to have to replace my entire wardrobe! As much as I do not want to train I’m going to have to. It is either train or get bigger pants!

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